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Aug 8, 2016

This is the year Otakon says goodbye to Baltimore.

One of this year’s most exciting guest is probably Kazuki Akane. Directing The Vision of Escaflowne alone probably enough to make him a tent-pole guest but his work on Heat Guy JNoein, Birdy the Mighty Decode and Code Geass: Akito the Exiled add some variety.

On top of that are some senior staff members from P.A. Works in attendance along with an exhibit. Nobuhiro Kikuchi, Kazuki Higashiji, and Kenji Horikawa will surely have a lot of insight into the studio behind CanaanThe Eccentric Family, and Shirobako.

The main players behind Under the Dog Jiro Ishii, Koji Morimoto, and Muneki Ogasawara should have a lot to say now that they have released their Kickstarted project. And speaking of Kickstarter, LeSean Thomas will also be a guest fresh off of the co-pro debut of the pilot for Cannon Busters. His experience in the western and eastern animation industry gives him a unique insight into animation production.

Kasumi Fukagawa’s work on mobile games should give her an extra dimension on top of her being a character designer. Shiro Dogu and Shunsuke Wada are an unknown quantity but they might have some enlightening information as employees of TakaOtacraft.

If you’re coming to Otakon this year, remember to party extra hard so we can properly send off the city that has welcomed the con for so many years, and say hello to the nation’s capital. Remember it is your last chance to eat some crab, make The Wire jokes, or get a bottle of ice cold water for a dollar when your at Otakon so make it count!