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Jul 23, 2012

While this is an anime and manga blog/podcast, from time to time we indulge in talking about our other pursuits like comics and video games. This month we are look at American cartoons.

There was a time back in the primordial past known as the 80s when there was a growing number of kids who rejected the idea that animation had to be for kids. There were these Japanese cartoons called anime that were edgy and hip. Jump ahead to the 2000s and two things have occured. We finally started getting enough anime that we realized in actuality while there were some cartoons from Japan that were for adults, a majority of the were for kids. And at the same time American animation stepped up its game. They generally came to the understanding that they could make cartoons a little smarter and mature and the universe would not collapse in on itself.

Cut ahead again to 2012. We look at some of the best cartoons that have come out in the last year and why we love them. Some are remakes, some are reimaginings, some are sequels, and some are even cool new originals ideas. But they all say that there is animation for children of all ages in the U.S. And maybe you should check some of it out.

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