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Nov 26, 2012

Women in geeky fandom is increasingly becoming a topic of conversation. The idea that women might actually like video games, comics, science fiction, TCGs, anime, manga, and other hobbies that are stereotypical male is hardly a new idea. There have always been women in these hobbies. But recently their presence has become more and more visible. This in turn has led to a good deal of friction as some guys can't seem to deal with women in their clubhouse.

The anime and manga community is fairly well-balanced when it comes to the sexes but still faces it share of problems. The concept of the fake geek girl and an overabundance of fujoshi influence are just a few of the more prominent issues.

We were fortunate enough to get Kyokai from Metanorn, Maggie a prominent cosplayer, and our very own Narutaki to weigh in on their experiences as female fans in the community. They talk about their feelings on how they have been treated over the years and discuss the truths and misconceptions of the female otaku.

As as side note Dave Merrill brought up some of the first prominent female fans in the America in response to me mentioning the topic of this podcast. I figured this would be a good a place as any to give them a little salute for their contributions.

  • Lorraine Savage ran the Anime Hasshin national independent anime club from 1987-2001 which had 100s of members and even a zine.
  • Meri Davis (@akonchair) started Project A-Kon back in 1990 the oldest anime con still running, before that she ran the EDC anime club.
  • Jane McGuire edited the Cartoon/Fantasy Organization Magazine back in the mid 1980s that was  full of translations, synopses, and fan art.
  • Ardith Carlton was behind the first Robotech art book.

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