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Join Kate and Alain as they discuss everything from what they just watched to what is going on in fandom.

The Speakeasy: The main podcast where we discuss what we’ve been watching, reading, and playing, plus occasional other topics.

Aug 27, 2012

All things must come to an end. Even anime. Although Sazae-san and Golgo 13 might easily make you think otherwise. Despite that, this month we tackle one of the oldest ideas in the anime fandom: if there is one thing anime cannot do, it is stick a landing. The question is why does anime have such a bad reputation for...

Aug 13, 2012

Otakon is far bigger a convention than a simple grouping of categories can provide. We do our best with the general impressions, guests, panels, and other assorted columns but certain experiences get caught outside the confines of such a system. So Patz from Insert-Disc joins us to talk about the flavor and details of...